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Upcoming 2016

August 2016: Artistic Leader and composer for the annual Lautstark and Lautstärker Composition Camp as part of the Klangspuren Festival. Imsterberg. (AUSTRIA)

July 2016: Leading workshops for a new composition for Tyalgum to be performed at the Tyalgum Festival later in September. (AUSTRALIA)

June 2016: Performance of "Glockenflügel" commissioned by the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for the opening in Wismar on 17th June. (GERMANY)

June 2016: Performance of "Wendengesang- leaving heart" commissioned by the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on 25th June. (GERMANY)

June 2016: Performance of participatory project "Wenden und Drehen" on 25th June, commissioned by Festspiele Mecklenburg Vorpommern. (GERMANY)

June 2016: Performance of the participatory opera, "GAACH- a sort of Folk Opera" as part of the Munich Biennale 2016 (GERMANY)

May 2016: Leading improvisation workshops during the Easter Festival of the Rheinsburg Akademie. (GERMANY)

April 2016: Leading workshops in Schools and at the North-West University of Potchefstrom- Music Department. (SOUTH AFRICA)

April 2016: Presenting "We are all stars" by Chris Wainwright in collaboration with Cathy Milliken at Nihonbashi Institute for contemporary Arts, Tokyo, 4-14th April. (JAPAN)

March 2016: Performance of "Earth Plays" at Adelaide Festival/Tectonics. (AUSTRALIA)

March 2016: appearing at the Armory, New York, as speaker in Louis Andriessens opera "De Materie" with ICE Ensemble and Peter Rundel, directed by Heiner Goebbels. (U.S.A.)

February 2016: presenting: Klangspuren-Lautstark and Lautstärker at the Symposium for"The Art of Music Education" , Hamburg /Körberstiftung. see Composition 2013- "Augenblicke". (GERMANY)

Here a quick review of projects and compositions in 2015.

The collaborative opera "Comfort Ye" won the RESEO/YAMA Award for the best opera for young audiences.

Recording and Broadcasting of Metamorphoses (Five Step) for String Quintet for the Radio Play Metamorphoses by Florian Goldberg and Heike Tauch.

Performance of the Innsbruck theme song (Insbruck Stadtlied) for the Childrens Olympics opening in Innsbruck January 2016- Artistic Leaders, Cathy Milliken, Christoph W. Bauer.

Led the annual Lautstark and Lautstärker Composition Camp as part of the Klangspuren Festival.

Led "We are all Stars", a production by Future Labo in collaboration with Chris Wainwright for Kamaishi, Tohoku.

December 2015: Earth Plays I-IV. Premiere of orchestral work commissioned by Musica Viva for the Bayrischer Rundfunk Sinfonie Orchester.


  • Fatima Dike - a Radio Portrait.

    A Radio Portrait of the writer Fatima Dike based on Interviews carried out in her home town Langa, South Africa and interspersed with Songs composed by Cathy Milliken based on poetry by Fatima Dike. Radio Play is by Fatima Dike and Cathy Milliken.

  • GAACH- Quasi eine Volksoper (- a sort of Folkopera)

    June 2016: Performance of the participatory opera "GAACH- a sort of Folkopera" as part of the Munich Biennale for contemporary MusicTheatre. Participants numbering almost 200 from various groups within the Volkshochschule Munich, as well Refugio, Maria Ward Gynasium and the Brass ensemble of the Münchener Philharmoniker take part. Artistic Directors Cathy Milliken, Robyn Schulkowsky and Dietmar Wiesner. 5th June.

  • Glockenflügel (Wismar Soundscapes)

    For Brass Ensemble (2 Tp, 2 Hr, 2 Trom, 1 Bass Trom)and Tape . A Fanfare for the opening of the Festspiele Mecklenburg -Pommern.


    for Ensemble (Fl,Cl,String Quintet,2 Percussion, Piano).

  • Steel-True Gold-Sole

    for Piano. Written for Gabriella Smart and lossely based around the writer Robert Louis Stevenson and the piano he once owned.

  • We are all stars

    "We are all stars" includes my sound installation for Horn (Saar Berger) and field recordings with exhibition by Chris Wainwright. Venue is Nihonbashi Institute for contemporary Arts, 4-14th April. It showcases projects carried out in Kamaishi after the devastating earthquake and Tsunami and in conjunction with the insitution, "Future Labo".

  • Wendengesang (-Leaving Heart)

    A staged concert piece for soprano and violin. Premiered at the Festspiele Mecklenburg Vorpommern in Wismar by Frauke Aulbert and Elfa Run Kristinsdottir. 25.6.16.


  • Comfort Ye

    An opera based on stories, texts and songs by young South African singers. Composition- Georg Friedrich Handel, Cathy Milliken, Bloekombos Secondary School Choir. Directed by Robert Lehmeier. Produced by Umculo Festival/Shirley Apthorpe Director. See under Projects also.

  • Earth Plays I-IV

    Earth Plays I-IV was commissioned by Musica Viva of the Bavarian Radio for Mezzo Soprano and Orchestra. The Premiere was performed by the Sympphony Orchestra of the Bavarian Radio, conducted by Peter Rundel and the soloist was Fiona Campbell. Later performances at Tectonics Festival in 2016 with soloist Jessica Aszodi and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ilan Volkov.

  • Five Step

    Composition is for String Quintet, commissioned by Deutschlandfunk for the radio play Metamorphosen and for the ensemble of the same name. Text by Floran Goldberg, directed by Heike Tauch.Recorded by musicians from the Deutsche Oper and produced by Sabine Küchler/Deutschland Radio

  • Innsbruck Stadtlied

    Innsbruck Stadtlied- "ich sag es dir, das bist du mir - goldner käfig, goldner kern". Written in Workshops led by Cathy Milliken together with Christoph W. Bauer and Michael Öttl and young Innsbruck students. Arranged for Orchestra and soloists by Cathy Milliken

  • Picasso and Words

    A composition for voices commissioned by the Neue Vocalsolisten. High soprano, soprano, tenor, baritone, bass.


  • Bunyah

    A radio play by Cathy Milliken and Dietmar Wiesner based on texts by Les Muray and translations by Margitt Lehbert. Produced by SW2 Radio, Germany. Winner of the Prix Italia - Music Section 2015.

  • Earth Plays - Þingvellir

    An Orchestral piece first performed by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra on 10th April 2014. Conductor was Ilan Volkov. Not to be confused with the first movement of the entire work Earth Plays I - IV for Orchestra and Mezzo Soprano which will be premiered in December 2015 by the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

  • Messages for you

    A participatory work composed and directed for wind bands, choirs, string students and professional musicians. Including a visual installation with images by artist Chris Wainwright. Performed at the Hojuji Temple in Kamaishi on 3rd November. Commissioned by Future Labo.

  • Shifrorl

    Chamber music commissioned by Decibel Ensemble as part of their "After Julia" Project. First performance by Deciebal (Musical dDrector - Cat Hope)on 8.11.2014 at Eugene Goossens Hall in Ultimo, Sydney.


  • Augenblicke

    for mixed ensemble, elastic scoring and variable line-up - for school students with fundamental instrumental skills. New revised version. Premiere: Lautstark Klangspuren Festival, Austria

  • Catalogue of Blue

    Duo for oboe and percussion commissioned by Christian Hommel

  • Uh Oh!

    Uh Oh! for Bassoon Quartet. (for F.Z.) Premiere 3.12.2013 Vienna.

  • Urge me not

    solo piece for counter tenor Premiere: Erdenkoben 4.5.2013 Soloist: Daniel Gloger as part of his solo evening "Nackt!"


  • Alles was besteht

    Concert piece based on a text by Jenny Erpenbeck, for chamber ensemble, soprano, two speakers Premiere 3 June. Members of the Tonhalle Orchestra, Zurich

  • Split by two

    Music theatre piece based on texts by John Berger for two voices, oboe, recorders, mouth organs, sampler by Kate Strong/Cathy Milliken Premiere 30.8.2012 at the Ankunft Bahnhof Festival, Berlin Soloists: Kate Strong and Cathy Milliken


  • Caprichos nr 44 "To spin a good yarn"

    for solo guitar Commissioned by Jürgen Ruck

  • Memorial-Traces (for Tohoku)

    12 card pieces for 1-15 players/singers

  • The Flowering of the Naked Body (Die Blüte des nackten Körpers)

    Radio play based on old Egyptian lyric poetry for clarinet (also bass clarinet, birbyne), Kanun, percussion, contrabass (also electric bass) Adaptation: Raoul Schrott/Prod. Hessian Broadcasting Composition/production HCD Productions (Hermann Kretzschmar, Cathy Milliken, Dietmar Wiesner)


  • Song - Kristallwelt

    for mixed ensemble, variable line-up for school students with fundamental instrumental skills Premiere: Lautstark Klangspuren Festival, Austria

  • Three Step

    for horn, violin, cello Commissioned by Saar Berger, Ensemble Modern


  • Knee Piece 45

    for flute, oboe, percussion Premiere Berlin, Ultraschall Festival, Berlin 2009

  • Two Step

    for violin and double bass. Commissioned by Zagreb Chamber Music Festival 2010.


  • Augenblicke

    for mixed ensemble, elastic scoring and variable line-up - for school students with fundamental instrumental skills Premiere: Lautstark Klangspuren Festival, Austria

  • House of Voices (Haus aus Stimmen)

    radio play version of the music theatre piece of the same name for two voices, countertenor, string quartet, choir and film Libretto: Silke Scheuermann production/composition: Cathy Milliken/Dietmar Wiesner 2008 German Critics' Prize


  • A Slip in the Night Tango

    for trumpet and melodica Premiere: Portrait concert, Dachsaal Ensemble Modern, Frankfurt, by Sava Stoianov and Valentin Garvie

  • Cento

    for soprano, countertenor and two string trios Premiere: Ensemble Resonanz and Neue Vokalsolisten im Radial System, Berlin

  • House of Voices (Haus aus Stimmen)

    Music theatre piece for two voices, countertenor, string quartet, choir and film Libretto: Silke Scheuermann, production/composition: Cathy Milliken/Dietmar Wiesner Premiere: Intermedia Festival, Karlsruhe/HR 2


  • Pieces

    for mandolin orchestra Premiere: Mandolinen Konzertgesellschaft, conductor: Detlef Thewes Commission sponsored by the Arts Foundation of NRW

  • Secret Seven

    for flute, oboe, clarinet, cello percussion and piano Premiere Ensemble Modern at a portrait concert, Dachsaal, Frankfurt


  • "Seven Attempted Escapes from Silence: Windows and Mirrors"

    Chamber opera, libretto: Jonathan Safran Foer Small orchestra Berliner Staatsoper

  • a single climb to a line

    for four tenor trombones

  • Church Bell Concert and installation "Von der Freundschaft"

    for the City of Hannover, its Bells, children's choir and handbell choir Inner city and church spires, Hanover, Handbell Choir and the Choir of the International Ecumenical Church Festival and HGNM

  • Novelle 1 and 11

    for chamber orchestra and speaker Based on texts by Charles Bukowski and Arthur Rimbaud Commission sponsored by the Arts Foundation of NRW for Kempen Festival and Concerto Köln

  • singles

    for large ensemble Commissioned by Art Festival, Wuppertal Commission sponsored by the Arts Foundation of NRW


  • En secret

    for counter tenor, guitar and oboe d'amore Premiere: Internationale Ferienkurse, Darmstadt 2004

  • Filmstudie

    for trombone, cello, bass guitar, piano, two percussion commissioned by Ensemble Ascolta, Stuttgart, for the film of the same name by Hans Richter (DVD: Arte TV)

  • Plays

    Wind quintet (staged composition) for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, also tuned glasses, cow instruments, recorders and mouth organs. commissioned by "Chronophonie", Freiburg im Breisgau Premiere: Museum of Modern Art, Freiburg im Breisgau

  • Songs of Love, Songs of War

    Concert pieces for two voices, trumpet, bass guitar, percussion, piano/sampler

  • Wie Fliehen

    for solo guitar Commissioned by Jürgen Ruck


  • A Musical Fantasy

    Theatre version of the radio plays "Denotaion Babel" and "Cosmic Memos" Direction/composition: Kretzschmar/Milliken/Wiesner Schauspiel Frankfurt

  • Antigone

    for voices and diverse instruments played by actors. Choral composition for "Antigone" based on Sophocles/Hölderlin Schauspiel Frankfurt, director: Wanda Golonka

  • India Song

    for tenor, viola, tape. Composition for "India Song" by Marguarite Duras Schauspiel Frankfurt, director: Wanda Golonka

  • Looks Live

    Concert piece for voice, bass guitar, piano/sampler Theaterhaus, Frankfurt and Hessian Broadcasting


  • -eyeview

    Installation (objects, sounds and video) for Contrabass, Percussion, Speaker and Electronics. Susan Knight, Christian Dierstein, Johannes Nied. Experimental studio, Freiburg, premiered at the Witten Contemporary Chamber Music Festival

  • L'invitation au Voyage

    Silent film music to L'invitation au Voyage by Germaine Dulac. for clarinet, trumpet, two percussion, piano, viola and violoncello. Premiered during the Germain Dulac Retrospective, Frankfurt 2006 produced by Arte TV

  • New Looks

    Radio play/ texts taken from works by William Shakespeare Deutschland Radio 2003 "Prix Marulic", Zagreb Radio


  • 9 Looks

    for solo piano Premiere and commission by Kristi Becker

  • Hamletink

    Music theatre piece based on William Shakespeare's Hamlet for actor, horn, two violoncello, sampler, percussion, tape, video Commissioned by Wissenschaftstadt Darmstadt Producer: International Music Institute, Darmstadt Co-producers: ZKM, Karlsruhe and "The Australia Council for the Arts Funding Body"

  • La Vie de Bohème

    Based on the film of the same name by Aki Kaurismäki, and the novel "Scenes of Bohemian Life, Paris" by Henri Murger Composition: HCD Productions (Hermann Kretzschmar, Cathy Milliken, Dietmar Wiesner), director Andre Wilms

  • Round Robin

    for solo flute Premiere and commission- Ansbach Music Festival, Carin Levine


  • Cosmic Memos

    for two speaker/singers (male and female), viola, horn, contrabass, percussion, Radio play/texts taken from works by Italo Calvino Direction/composition/libretto by HCD PRODUCTIONS: Hermann Kretzschmar/Cathy Milliken/Dietmar Wiesner Hessian Broadcasting Station/ZKM, Karlsruhe 2000 Radio play of the month 2001 Westfalen jury prize for best direction

  • More Looks

    Live Version for speaker, sampler and piano Radio play/texts taken from works by William Shakespeare Hessian Broadcasting/Artists Corner


  • Cutouts - Lungs (Auschnitt-Lungen)

    for hanging bricks, infusion tubes, hanging plants, contact microphones, samples sound. Installation at Zeche Nachtigall, Witten Festival of Contemporary Chamber Music, Witten

  • Denotation Babel

    Radio play/Text by Helmut Krausser Composition/production by HCD PRODUCTIONS and HR2: Hermann Kretzschmar/Cathy Milliken/Dietmar Wiesner Hessian Broadcasting Station (HR2) Winner of the "Prix Italia" 2000

  • Jet

    for clarinet and tape Commissioned by: CMMIX, Paris premiere, Festival Sons d'Hiver, Paris

  • Margaret

    for four singers and piano Based on a poem by Gerard Manly Hopkins Saarbrücken Chamber Music Festival


  • 6 Memos

    for flute (also piccolo, alto flute and bass flute) and string quartet Based on "6 Memos for the Next Millennium" by Italo Calvino Saarbrücken Chamber Music Festival (for Mandelring Quartet & Dietmar Wiesner) 12.10.1998

  • Hippolytos and Salome

    for flute, oboe, bass clarinet, piano and percussion Adaptation of Paul Bowles' theatre music by HCD Productions: realised from tape of Bowle's synthesizer version and arranged by Hermann Kretzschmar, Cathy Milliken, Dietmar Wiesner. Performance and recording by HCD Productions/Largo Records.

  • Mother tongue (Muttersprache)

    for speaker, soprano, baritone, violin, cello, piano, percussion and tape Based on poems and prose by Rosa Ausländer State Theatre Darmstadt; tape realised at ZKM studios, Karlsruhe


  • Objects

    for speaking pianist and piano Texts from "Tender Buttons" by Gertrude Stein Kestner Museum, Hanover Biennale

  • Theatre music

    soprano saxophone, viola, double bass Incidental music for Marguerite Duras' "Susannah Andler" Chichester Festival Theatre, GB, director: Lindy Davies


  • Melos

    for two amplified timpani and electronic filters (one player) Premiere: Sprengel Museum, Hanover, Peppie Wiersma.

  • Palomar

    For Violin and 8-track-tape, based on "Mr Palomar" by Italo Calvino Commissioned by Jagdish Mistrey (Ensemble Modern)


  • Journey

    for horn, trumpet, violoncello, percussion, piano/sampler and three school classes of schoolchildren Fantasy/Improvisations based on Franz Schubert's "Die Winterreise" (The Winter Journey) Commission and premiere: Southbank Centre, London

  • Sifr

    speaker, flute, piano/sampler, percussion Co-production of CDs with Hessian Broadcasting

  • Theatre music

    for violoncello and sampler Incidental music for "Scenes from an Execution" by Howard Barker Belvoir St Theatre, Sydney, director Lindy Davies

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