Cathy Milliken


Earth Plays I-IV

Photo: Earth Plays I-IV

Earth Plays I (Þingvellir) Earth Plays II (Epidauros) Earth Plays III (Gohyaku Rakan) Earth Plays IV (Radio City Hall) For Mezzo Soprano and Orchestra. 3,3,3,3 / 4,3,3,1 / 4 Perc. / 14,12,10,8,6. Premiered by the Bavarian Radio Orchestra for Musica Viva on December 4th, 2015. Soloist: Fiona Campbell, conductor: Peter Rundel.

Download: Score (pdf)
Audio: Soundcloud

Earth Plays – is an orchestral work in four parts, one of which was inspired by a collaborative project in Japan resulting in a further creative project for a school class in Munich called Earth Plays - Radom.

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