Cathy Milliken


Lautstärker 2013

Lautstärker is an advanced compositional course for young musicians wishing to write their own music. It took place in Imsterberg as part of the Klangspuren Festival of Austria, 2013 being its inaugural year and featured the "Catch Trio".

#5 Trio Catch

#6 Trio Catch


Compositional Leaders - Cathy Milliken, Dietmar Wiesner
Trio Catch- Boglarka Pecze (Clarinet), Eva Boesch (Violoncello), Sun-Young (Piano)
Young Composer Participants- Florian Buchberger, Benny Buchberger, Tobias Falkner, Johannes Klingler, Ivo Köll, Katharina Kurz.

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