Cathy Milliken


Lautstark 2013

Lautstark is a yearly compositional project for young musicians between the ages of 8-18 years. Led by Cathy Milliken and Team, the focus is on composition and new sounds as well as ensemble playing and improvisation. It takes place in Imsterberg as part of the Klangspuren Festival.

Lautstark is a yearly compositional project lasting 10 days for young people between the ages of 8 and 18. All must have played an instrument for at least three years. The Managing Director is Marieluise Mayr, Artistic leader is Cathy Milliken along with Dietmar Wiesner and Michael Schiefel as well as a support team of music teachers from Tirol under the leadership of Klaus Niederstätter. This years concept was for all sixty participants to write an opera together. Possible themes were sent to the children beforehand and votes for a theme were sent via email. "Strange Worlds" was the winning theme. Upon commencement of the course, possible scenarios under this main title were thought out by the children and the winning scenario was found. The "worlds of colours" hence provided various scenarios for each composing team to write and shape their particular act in the opera. The performance was a wonderfully colourful mixture of song, movement, text, choral inserts, theatre and instrumental music.


Composer Team- Cathy Milliken, Michael Schiefel, Dietmar Wiesner; Artist Teacher Team-Klaus Niederstätter, Astrid Amico, Karin Dorfmann, Stefan Matt, Michael Öttl, Andreas Schneider, Thomas Steinbrucker, Walter Singer.

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