Cathy Milliken


Ode for All

Photo: Ode for All

for women's choir. A collaborative work commissioned by the Goethe Institute involving members of six choirs from South eastern Europe: Svetlana Spajic Choir (Belgrade), Canticum Choir (Bucharest), Sirene Choir (Istanbul), Amalgamation Choir (Cyprus), Corona Choir (Sarajevo) and Alabrea Choir (Sofia). Premiere 25.10 Berlin Radial System.

Download: Score (pdf)

Ode for All – This project follows song-making with six choirs from different parts of south-eastern Europe culminating in a workshop presentation in Istanbul and later a sound and photographic installation in Radial System, Berlin. The project was part of Beethoven Year Celebrations supported and produced by Goethe Institut, Istanbul.

Participating choirs: Sirene Choir, Istanbul; Svetlana Spajic Group, Belgrade; Alabrea Choir, Sofia; Amalgamation Choir, Nicosia; Corona Choir, Sarajewo; Canticum Choir, Bucharest.


Trailer of final workshop, Istanbul, February 2020

Trailer of the final installation at Radial System, Berlin

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