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Upcoming 2016

August 2016: Artistic Leader and composer for the annual Lautstark and Lautstärker Composition Camp as part of the Klangspuren Festival. Imsterberg. (AUSTRIA)

July 2016: Leading workshops for a new composition for Tyalgum to be performed at the Tyalgum Festival later in September. (AUSTRALIA)

June 2016: Performance of "Glockenflügel" commissioned by the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for the opening in Wismar on 17th June. (GERMANY)

June 2016: Performance of "Wendengesang- leaving heart" commissioned by the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on 25th June. (GERMANY)

June 2016: Performance of participatory project "Wenden und Drehen" on 25th June, commissioned by Festspiele Mecklenburg Vorpommern. (GERMANY)

June 2016: Performance of the participatory opera, "GAACH- a sort of Folk Opera" as part of the Munich Biennale 2016 (GERMANY)

May 2016: Leading improvisation workshops during the Easter Festival of the Rheinsburg Akademie. (GERMANY)

April 2016: Leading workshops in Schools and at the North-West University of Potchefstrom- Music Department. (SOUTH AFRICA)

April 2016: Presenting "We are all stars" by Chris Wainwright in collaboration with Cathy Milliken at Nihonbashi Institute for contemporary Arts, Tokyo, 4-14th April. (JAPAN)

March 2016: Performance of "Earth Plays" at Adelaide Festival/Tectonics. (AUSTRALIA)

March 2016: appearing at the Armory, New York, as speaker in Louis Andriessens opera "De Materie" with ICE Ensemble and Peter Rundel, directed by Heiner Goebbels. (U.S.A.)

February 2016: presenting: Klangspuren-Lautstark and Lautstärker at the Symposium for"The Art of Music Education" , Hamburg /Körberstiftung. see Composition 2013- "Augenblicke". (GERMANY)

Here a quick review of projects and compositions in 2015.

The collaborative opera "Comfort Ye" won the RESEO/YAMA Award for the best opera for young audiences.

Recording and Broadcasting of Metamorphoses (Five Step) for String Quintet for the Radio Play Metamorphoses by Florian Goldberg and Heike Tauch.

Performance of the Innsbruck theme song (Insbruck Stadtlied) for the Childrens Olympics opening in Innsbruck January 2016- Artistic Leaders, Cathy Milliken, Christoph W. Bauer.

Led the annual Lautstark and Lautstärker Composition Camp as part of the Klangspuren Festival.

Led "We are all Stars", a production by Future Labo in collaboration with Chris Wainwright for Kamaishi, Tohoku.

December 2015: Earth Plays I-IV. Premiere of orchestral work commissioned by Musica Viva for the Bayrischer Rundfunk Sinfonie Orchester.


  • Wenden und Drehen (Turning around)

    A collaborative and participatory MusicTheatre project "Wenden und Drehen" featuring Perlmutt Choir (leader Gunnar Rieks) and Grossstadt Schule, Wismar (teacher Svenja Kochems) on 25th June as part of Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Programme. Artistic Director, concept: Cathy Milliken.


  • Comfort Ye

    Composer and Creative workshop Leader of "Comfort Ye", an opera written in collaboration with choir members of the Bloekombos Secondary School, Robert Lehmeier and Cathy Milliken and performed in March 2015 at Artscape, Cape Town. Development Workshops were carried out in June 2013 and May 2014 with an interim showing in 2014.

  • GAACH-Quasi eine Volksoper (- a sort of Folkopera)

    Part of the artistic Team of GAACH carrying out workshops at the development stage for "GAACH-quasi einer Volksoper"- for the Münchener Biennale 2016.

  • We are all stars

    "We are all Stars", a production by Future Labo with Chris Wainwright in collaboration with Cathy Milliken for Kamaishi, Tohoku. Various groups- choirs, Brass choirs and community leaders were involved in two performances. The first was at Nehama Beach just outside Kamaishi on the 29th August. The second took place at the Hojuji Temple, Kamaishi on 5th September.


  • Comfort Ye (opera)

    An opera developed in the townships of Cape Town. Over 2 years an opera based on the lives of young south african singers and partly created by them was finally, after creative workshops in 2013 and a pre production showing in 2014 brought to performance at the artscape theatre in March 2015, Capetown. Director Robert Lehmeier, Musical Director Warwick Stengaards/Erik Dipenaar, Composer Georg Friedrich Händel and Cathy Milliken, Choir (Bloekombos Secondary School) and soloists, Siyasanga Yonela Mbuyazwe, Bongiwe Nakani, Rheinald Tshepo Moagi, Njabulo Sifiso Mthimkhulu and actors Nicholate Ngongoshe and Xolisa Kapakati.


  • Denotation Babel/Cosmicmemos

    Music theatre piece in two parts, based on "Denotation Babel" by Helmut Krausser and "Six Memos for the next Millennium" by Italo Calvino by Kretzschmar, Wiesner, Milliken (HCD-Productions) A production by the schauspielfrankfurt 19.1.2003 schauspielfrankfurt


  • Hamletink

    Music theatre based on William Shakespeare's "Hamlet" A production by the International Music Institute of Darmstadt and Mousonturm Frankfurt Supported by the Australia Council 21.8.2001 Mousonturm, Frankfurt

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