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10.3.2022 Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank, London (Newest Edition)
“Night Shift”
for audience, ensemble, choir and soloists
Remix Ensemble Casa da Música-Porto
Conductor: Jonathan Stockhammer

24 & 25.6.2022 Adelaide Town Hall
Earth Plays V - Ediacaran
for orchestra (new part to Earth Plays cycle) WP
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Benjamin Northey

28 - 30.7.2022 Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall WP
Fifty Fanfares
Commission for orchestra
Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Simone Young

3.8.2022 Concert Hall, QPAC; Brisbane
Piece 43 For Now
for Chamber Orchestra
Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Elena Schwarz


  • Ode for All

    for women's choir. A collaborative work commissioned by the Goethe Institute involving members of six choirs from South eastern Europe: Svetlana Spajic Choir (Belgrade), Canticum Choir (Bucharest), Sirene Choir (Istanbul), Amalgamation Choir (Cyprus), Corona Choir (Sarajevo) and Alabrea Choir (Sofia). Premiere 25.10 Berlin Radial System.


  • Stadtlied (City Song)

    for orchestra, choir, soloists, amateur musicians. A participatory work composed for Internationales Musikfest Hamburg and the Elbphilharmonie. Premiere 25.5.2019 at the Elbphilharmonie.

  • Zweierlei Recht

    for choirs, orchestra, windbands, trumpet ensemble, actors, dancers. A Country Community Opera commissioned by the Land Tyrol as part of a series of seven such operas based on the life of Maximilian I, performed throughout Tyrol in June 2019. Premiere in Schwaz 22.6.19.


  • Collaborative Composition

    for voices, instruments, cello, plastic bottles, movement. A collaborative work by 25 students and workshop leader, Cathy Milliken at the Darmstadt Ferienkurse for Music Performance during the Ferienkurse. Score not available.

  • Opera of Objects.

    for oboe, percussion, piano, objects and voices. A collaborative work by Erik Griswold, Cathy Milliken and Vanessa Tomlinson. Text by Craig Foltz. Premiere 9.11.18


  • Lautstark and Lautstärker

    Artistic Leader and composer for "Lautstark", a 10 day Composition Camp for young composers and musicians as part of the Klangspuren Festival. Imsterberg. It is followed by "Lautstärker", a more advanced camp of 4 days for young composers. (August). See Klangspuren website.


  • Innsbruck Stadtlied

    for orchestra, choir and soloists. Premiere on 31.12.15 with Tyrolean Symphony Orchestra and soloists Verena Pötzl, Elias Hosseini, Wiltener boys Choir, Ravi Srinivasan. Based on Texts and Melodies by Innsbruck School children. Arrangement: Cathy Milliken

  • Lautstark and Lautstärker

    Artistic leader and composer for "Lautstark", a 10 day composition camp for young composers and musicians as part of the Klangspuren Festival. Imsterberg. It is followed by "Lautstärker", a more advanced camp of 4 days for young composers.


  • Cross-Currents

    Presentation of DVD "Cross Currents" by Carol Robinson, Cathy Milliken 1.12.2012 Carol Robinson/Cathy Milliken Ackerstadtpalast, Berlin

  • Split by two

    A musi-circus with texts by John Berger Text and Music by Kate Strong, Cathy Milliken Ankunft: Neue Musik Festival 30.8.3012 Am Hauptbahnhof, Berlin


  • Die Bakchen

    Theatre based on the Bacchae by Euripides, in an adaption by Raoul Schrott Music by Wiesner and Milliken A production by schauspielfrankfurt 16.9.2005 Grosses Haus, schauspielfrankfurt


  • La Vie de Bohème

    Theatre based on the novel "Scènes de la Vie de Bohème" by Henri Murger Music by Kretzschmar, Milliken, Wiesner, (HCD-Productions) A production by the schauspielfrankfurt 24.11.2001 Grosses Haus, schauspielfrankfurt

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