Cathy Milliken


Works // Opera


  • Ludwig im Wald

    A staged opera for choir, actor, csoprano, piano, cello, e-guitar, percussion.
    It is musically based around the 6th Symphony of Beethoven but opens to become a somewhat satirical comment on climate change. But is also a heartfelt appell to help save our (and Ludwig's) "Wald" (forest). Premiere 5.6.20 at Dresden Central for the Dresdner Festspiele 2020.


  • Opera of Objects.

    for oboe, percussion, piano, objects and voices.
    A collaborative work by Erik Griswold, Cathy Milliken and Vanessa Tomlinson.
    Text by Craig Foltz.
    Premiere 9.11.2018


  • GAACH - a kind of Folk Opera

    A participative opera. A commission by M√ľnchener Biennale 2016, to Cathy Milliken, Robyn Schulkowsky, Dietmar Wiesner and 200 Participants. Premiere in the Foyer of the Gasteig Philharmonic Hall on the 5.6.2016.


  • Comfort Ye

    An opera based on stories, texts and songs by young South African singers.
    Composition- Georg Friedrich Handel, Cathy Milliken, Bloekombos Secondary
    School Choir. Directed by Robert Lehmeier.
    Produced by Umculo Festival/Shirley Apthorpe Director.


  • Haus aus Stimmen

    A radio play and Chamber Opera with Libretto by Silke Scheuermann
    Music by Milliken, Wiesner
    A production of Radio Days, ZKM, Karlsruhe
    8-9.11.2007 Kubus, ZKM Karlsruhe


  • Seven Attempted Escapes from Silence

    (Nr 6. Walls and Mirrors.)
    A chamber opera in seven parts with Libretto by Jonathan Safran Foer
    A production by the Staatsoper Berlin
    4/17/19/21/25/27/30.9.2005 Magazine, Staatsoper, Berlin

  • Seven Attempted Escapes from Silence: Windows and Mirrors

    Chamber opera, libretto: Jonathan Safran Foer
    Small orchestra
    Berliner Staatsoper


  • Mother tongue (Muttersprache)

    for speaker, soprano, baritone, violin, cello, piano, percussion and tape.
    Based on poems and prose by Rosa Ausländer.
    State Theatre Darmstadt; tape realised at ZKM studios, Karlsruhe.



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