Cathy Milliken


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10.3.2022 Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank, London (Newest Edition)
“Night Shift”
for audience, ensemble, choir and soloists
Remix Ensemble Casa da Música-Porto
Conductor: Jonathan Stockhammer

24 & 25.6.2022 Adelaide Town Hall
Earth Plays V - Ediacaran
for orchestra (new part to Earth Plays cycle) WP
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Benjamin Northey

28 - 30.7.2022 Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall WP
Fifty Fanfares
Commission for orchestra
Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Simone Young

3.8.2022 Concert Hall, QPAC; Brisbane
Piece 43 For Now
for Chamber Orchestra
Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Elena Schwarz


  • CD: Two Step

    a composed collage of composition and improvisation by Cathy Milliken and Friends. Release date 15.3.2020


  • Book: Klangspuren Lautstark

    Aktives musizieren und komponieren mit Kindern und Jugendlichen. Published by KLANGSPUREN SCHWAZ. ConBrio Verlagsgesellschaft.

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