Cathy Milliken


Compositions // Radio Play


10.3.2022 Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank, London (Newest Edition)
“Night Shift”
for audience, ensemble, choir and soloists
Remix Ensemble Casa da Música-Porto
Conductor: Jonathan Stockhammer

24 & 25.6.2022 Adelaide Town Hall
Earth Plays V - Ediacaran
for orchestra (new part to Earth Plays cycle) WP
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Benjamin Northey

28 - 30.7.2022 Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall WP
Fifty Fanfares
Commission for orchestra
Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Simone Young

3.8.2022 Concert Hall, QPAC; Brisbane
Piece 43 For Now
for Chamber Orchestra
Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Elena Schwarz


  • Sounds of Still Lifes.

    A radio play by Cathy Milliken and Dietmar Wiesner based on texts by Pablo Picasso. Featuring Caroline Junghanns, Ulrich Noethen, Corinna Kirchhoff, Markus Meyer, Annett Wernitzsch and members of the Ensemble Modern. Broadcast 8.1.19 SWR2.


  • Driving with Fatima

    A radio play with text and songs. Texts by Fatima Dike. Vocals Jocelyn B.Smith, piano Cathy Milliken. Produced by Deutschlandfunk September 2017.


  • Bunyah

    A radio play by Cathy Milliken and Dietmar Wiesner based on texts by Les Murray and translations by Margitt Lehbert, featuring Dagmar Manzel und Ulrich Noeten. Produced by SWR Radio, Germany. Winner of Prix Italia 2015.


  • The Flowering of the Naked Body (Die Blüte des nackten Körpers)

    Radio play based on old Egyptian lyric poetry for clarinet (also bass clarinet, birbyne), Kanun, percussion, contrabass (also electric bass) Adaptation: Raoul Schrott/Prod. Hessian Broadcasting Composition/production HCD Productions (Hermann Kretzschmar, Cathy Milliken, Dietmar Wiesner)


  • House of Voices (Haus aus Stimmen)

    Radio play version of the music theatre piece of the same name for two voices, countertenor, string quartet, choir and film; libretto: Silke Scheuermann; production/composition: Cathy Milliken/Dietmar Wiesner; 2008 German Critics' Prize


  • House of Voices (Haus aus Stimmen)

    Music theatre piece for two voices, countertenor, string quartet, choir and film Libretto: Silke Scheuermann, production/composition: Cathy Milliken/Dietmar Wiesner Premiere: Intermedia Festival, Karlsruhe/HR 2


  • Songs of Love, Songs of War

    Concert pieces for two voices, trumpet, bass guitar, percussion, piano/sampler


  • New Looks

    Radio play/texts taken from works by William Shakespeare; Deutschland Radio; 2003 "Prix Marulic", Zagreb Radio


  • Cosmic Memos

    for two speaker/singers (male and female), viola, horn, contrabass, percussion. Radio play/texts taken from works by Italo Calvino. Direction/composition/libretto by HCD PRODUCTIONS: Hermann Kretzschmar/Cathy Milliken/Dietmar Wiesner. Hessian Broadcasting Station/ZKM, Karlsruhe. 2000 Radio play of the month. 2001 Westfalen jury prize for best direction.

  • More Looks

    Live Version for speaker, sampler and piano Radio play/texts taken from works by William Shakespeare Hessian Broadcasting/Artists Corner


  • Denotation Babel

    Radio play/Text by Helmut Krausser Composition/production by HCD PRODUCTIONS and HR2: Hermann Kretzschmar/Cathy Milliken/Dietmar Wiesner Hessian Broadcasting Station (HR2) Winner of the "Prix Italia" 2000

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