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Concert updates

7th August
8pm, Villa Elizabeth,Berlin
Pollok for Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, Piano and String Quintet
Landesjugend Ensemble, Neue Musik Berlin/ Ensemble United. Conductor- Catherine Larsen-Maguire

12th August
Botanical Gardens Melbourne
World premiere of new installation: RED GARDEN for two filmed performers (Percussion and Violin) and Red Sand Garden
A quiet and insistent ritual cry for the urgency of caring for our planet.
Performers of installation and concert version: Louise Devenish and Anna McMichael as part of “Is this how you feel” commission.

13th and 14th August
7pm, Melbourne Abbotsford Convent
World premiere of new piece: TO SING
Six Tableaus for Twelve Roving Percussionists
performed and presented by Speak Percussion, Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) and Eugene Ughetti (Conductor) and Peter Neville

1st September
8pm, Philharmonie, Berlin
World premiere of: Night Shift – The Rehearsal
An evening for ensemble, soloists, choir and audience
As part of the Musikfeste, Berlin

1st September
8pm, Maschinenhaus, Kesselhaus Berlin
World premiere of: Opera of Objects, Edition II
Based on concept “opera of objects” by Griswold, Milliken, Tomlinson in a new version by Cathy Milliken and LUX:NM
A concert “Nets-Loops-Cells” curated by LUX:NM

10th September Kraftwerk, Chemnitz -
12 September die naTO, Leipzig -
24th October Artbase, Brussels -
Crie for Violin and Voice
Performed by Dejana Sekulic

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